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Attention Magazine October 2021

Coping with Sensory Overload

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Resilience and ADHD During the Pandemic

Yuanyuan Jiang and Gwendolyn Adams-Sadiqi


Green Time for ADHD

Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA

Research indicates that children and adults who spend time in nature increase their ability to pay attention while lowering their levels of stress and anxiety.

Challenges in ADHD Care for Children of Color

Melvin Bogard interviews Roberto Olivardia

African Americans of all ages face many barriers in getting a proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Pay ADDention™! I’m a Teen Expert on ADD

Makayla Caliendo

A high school senior shares her story of challenges and setbacks as well as success and hope.

Study Skills for Thriving with ADHD

Carey A. Heller, PsyD

Your child or teen can apply these general principles for developing and executing an effective study plan, with assistance as needed.

Raph’s Tale, A Fable About Neurodiversity

Dan Shapiro

A tale of adventure teaches important lessons about diversity, friendship, and resilience.

ADHD? I Don’t Believe in It!

Zara Harris

An occupational therapist shares how listening to nonbelievers can be key to bringing them around.

Black Adults Who Live with ADHD

Napoleon Higgins, MD, interviewed by Melvin Bogard, MA

Cultural concerns need to be addressed for Black adults to receive proper evaluation and effective treatment for ADHD.

Getting What I Need

Sarah Frank

If her life had a song, she thought, it would be “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones. Addressing her ADHD, particularly her distractibility, made all the difference.

2021 Lifetime Achievement Award


Promoting Connection, Community, and Compassion: TAASG

Mark Katz, PhD