“Everyone’s So Tense All the Time”

Everyone’s So Tense All the Time

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It   “When there is no more blame or criticism in your eyes, when you are able to look at others with compassion, you see things very differently. You speak differently. The other person can sense you are truly seeing her and understanding her, and that…

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DB-IOP: Hope for Families in Crisis

Attention Magazine June 2022

As ADHD experts are well awarE, SOME FAMILIES CONFRONT daily life challenges that extend well beyond the ADHD spectrum. These challenges can be of such magnitude that children who struggle with unsafe disruptive behaviors may find themselves hospitalized more than once, with some eventually referred to residential care. Worse yet, some of these families live far…

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Guiding Complex Teens and Young Adults to Launch

A Paradigm Shift Are your complex teens and young adults less independent than you’d like? Are they resistant to your advice or guidance? Whether they’re living at home or independently, are you supporting them more than you think you should? Worried it’s too late to make a difference for their future? You’re not alone! Now…

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A Week in the Pandemic Life of Complex Families

Have you discovered that even in a pandemic, there’s still something different about raising kids with complex needs? In a rare moment of calm these days you may find yourself scrolling on social media, seeking connection to humans other than those you’ve been “imprisoned” with recently. You observe people talking about their slower pace, their…

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Help! My Child Only Has Virtual Friends

From Cajoling to Collaboration–Learn How to Help Your Child Develop True Friendships IF YOU HAVE KIDS WHO ENGAGE WITH OTHERS on any social media or gaming platform, you’ve said it before: “Those people are not real! They are not your friends. You don’t even really know who they are! Why do you spend so much…

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