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Treatment Matters: ADHD and Life Expectancy

New Research Suggests Untreated ADHD Reduces Life Expectancy by Young Adulthood—Treatment May Help to Address the Problem CHADD and Russell A. Barkley, PhD, Partner to Announce Findings   The message is clear. Treatment for ADHD, along with the related health risks it poses, has the possibility of adding an average of nine to thirteen years…

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Holiday Meal Planning? You Can Do That!

guest post by Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA Halloween is upon us, with Thanksgiving just a few weeks away. For most of us, the next two months will be filled with festive gatherings and traditional foods. But if you cope with ADHD and you’re the holiday cook, how do you get ready for an upcoming feast?…

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You Don’t Know Jack

or, HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER LETTER guest blog by M. Jeffry Spahr, MBA, JD For years we approached each new school year with renewed hopes and rejuvenated expectations. Certainly, we thought, this would be the year when everything clicked and our son Jack would take off like a rocket through the academic stratosphere.…

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Pack It Light, Wear It Right: Backpack Awareness 2018

guest blog by Zara Harris, MS, OT National School Backpack Awareness Day falls on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. Across the USA, backpack events will educate parents, students, educators, and school administrators about the serious health effects heavy backpacks worn improperly have on children. More than 2,000 backpack-related injuries were treated in hospitals and clinics in…

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2018 Conference Registration Is Open!

guest blog by Linda S. Ellis, PhD, Conference Co-Chair Early bird registration is open! That means NOW is your chance to get the best rates for what promises to be the largest ADHD gathering of the year. And here’s what I can tell you about the 2018 Annual International Conference on ADHD. First of all,…

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Ritalin Does Not Cause School Violence

In response to statements made by incoming president of the National Rifle Association Oliver North regarding Ritalin, a medication for ADHD There is no evidence to support a link between Ritalin, a medication prescribed as part of treatment for ADHD, and school-related violence. In fact, the evidence demonstrates that violence is not a symptom of…

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