Can Adoption Have an Effect on ADHD?

 ADHD Weekly 2016-09-01

Children who were adopted have a higher likelihood of an ADHD diagnosis, which can be two to three times greater than their peers without ADHD. Studies indicate that as many as 30 percent of children who were adopted are affected by ADHD.

Mothers Jennifer Klotz and Ruth Hughes, PhD, share their children’s ADHD experiences in the Attention magazine article, ADHD and Adoption: Two Journeys. They discuss the connection between adoption and ADHD and why so many adopted children are later diagnosed with the disorder.

“Those of us with family members who were adopted and also have ADHD have a special bond,” they write. “We have very complex families with many challenges, but we also feel blessed. We have chosen these children to be part of our lives. Once the ADHD is diagnosed, the need for information, treatment, and support is similar to so many other families with some extra surprises thrown in.”

Looking for more information on how ADHD and adoption may be related? Ms. Klotz and Dr. Hughes offer a glimpse into their families’ lives and how to address some of the challenges they had while raising their children.

Read ADHD and Adoption: Two Journeys.