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In the past year, much of our lives returned to normal, or as close to that as life might have been prior to the pandemic. For some of us, the ground seems still to be shifting into new patterns that can make it hard for people with ADHD to find and keep their balance in the world.

CHADD has remained a beacon when times have been difficult, offering light when the world seems to be dim.

For Marie, CHADD is a grounding, centering resource for everyone affected by ADHD. During difficult moments for her family, CHADD has offered support and resources to brighten a hard-to-see path.

“It wasn’t until I found CHADD that things really turned around,” said Marie. Her two children have ADHD. One was experiencing significant learning challenges and the other had behavioral issues. “When I have a sense of humor about it, I say that the principal was on the phone and the police were in the driveway. It was a really, really hard way to live.”

“None of these kids comes with an instruction manual,” Marie said. “If you’ve met one kid with ADHD, you’ve met one kid with ADHD. It’s not one size fits all.” Much of the well-meaning advice she got from friends and family just wasn’t effective for her kids. “It was demoralizing for me as a parent, and I can imagine it was no fun for my children to be told to try harder or be less distracted when they couldn’t do that without help.”

CHADD connected Marie with other parents who were in similar situations. The organization provided research-based information about ADHD, introduced her to experts about the disorder, and gave her the chance to discuss real-life issues with other parents.

“The practical strategies to implement the new information was key—how do I make this work for my own child? Doing that with other parents was so helpful. We give each other feedback about what worked and what didn’t.”

Marie appreciates how CHADD addresses ADHD across the lifespan, through resources, experts, and support groups. “It’s nice to peek into the future through other parents to see what lies ahead. Just hearing how other people created a path forward gave me hope.”

“I definitely found my community at CHADD—I’ve made some lifelong friendships,” Marie said. “It’s nice to know you’re going to have friends and support along the way, because this is a journey for a child and for an entire family.”

Marie, and the many parents and adults who come to CHADD for help, have benefited from the generosity of CHADD members and supporters. You have the opportunity to be that light in the dark, offering support and guidance when struggling families and adults don’t know what their next step will be.

Please consider supporting CHADD through a donation this season. Your contribution helps provide a guiding light for families, adults, and children that help them thrive with ADHD.


Best wishes to you and those you love for a healthy and happy holiday season.

Patricia M. Hudak, PCC, BCC
President, CHADD Board of Directors

Laurie Kulikosky, CAE

Hear from Marie:

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