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Attention Magazine April 2006

Teaching the Fourth ‘R’ – Relationships

Richard D. Lavoie

This article gives practical advice for parents on helping their children with ADHD develop friendships.

How to Succeed in Marriage with ADHD

Arthur L. Robin PhD

This article provides advice for married couples where one or both partners has ADHD: developing coping cognitions, improving communication, maximizing medication, creatively using organizational tools, and cultivating romance.

Cómo Tener Éxito en el Matrimonio a Pesar del TDA/H

Arthur L. Robin PhD

Este articulo tiene adviso cuando el TDA/H es un factor en el matrimonio: desarrollar cogniciones para lidiar, mejorar la comunicación, obtener el mayor provecho de la medicación, usar creativamente las herramientas de organización y cultivar el romance.