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Attention Magazine June 2023

Hope and Help for Anxious Kids

Mark Katz, PhD


How to Recover After a Social Faux Pas

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Physiological and Emotional Awareness in Individuals with ADHD

Joelle Ciccarelli, BSc, RD, and Yuanyuan Jiang, PhD, CPsych


ADHD, Autism, and More: What Goes into Getting a Diagnosis?

Sarah Cheyette, MD, and Benjamin Cheyette, MD, PhD

Diagnostic categories and criteria will continue to evolve as we better understand biologic mechanisms underlying the symptoms of neuropsychiatric conditions. Here’s what doctors have to go on now.

Explaining ADHD to Kids

Liz Angoff, PhD

The way we talk about ADHD now will influence how children see themselves for the rest of their lives.

Executive Function Coach: A Personal Trainer for Your Child’s Brain

Ann Dolin, MEd

They can help your child break down challenges into manageable steps, develop personalized strategies, and learn how to learn.

Eight Tips for Successful ADHD Family Travel

Dawn M. Barclay

If past vacations meant going into survival mode, these strategies will help you plan a trip everyone can enjoy.

Why ADHD Is More Challenging for Women

Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

ADHD in women was once dismissed as a milder version of ADHD. Research and lived experience show a very different reality.

Successfully Delegating Written Projects

Rosemary Hollinger, JD, ACC

A lawyer who has ADHD shares tips on and experiences with task delegation, an essential skill for career development.

Conquering the Three Mental Enemies of Adults with ADHD

Robin Brannan, LCMFT

Ever struggle with negativity bias, cognitive distortion, or perseveration? You can overcome these discouraging thought patterns.

Why I Volunteer

Suzanne Sophos