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Attention Magazine April 2012

Survival Tips for the World of Work

Frances Prevatt

If you’re an adult with ADHD, you may find that symptoms of inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity challenge your employment. Here’s how you can cope.

My Child with ADHD Doesn’t Seem Motivated to Get Good Grades

Richard Lougy

Children with ADHD are often perceived as poorly motivated, when in fact the basic problem is inconsistent performance and poor grades, which can lead to personal discouragement and, over time, low motivation toward schoolwork. How can they be helped?

I’m Right, You’re Wrong: When Parents Disagree on How to Manage Their Child’s ADHD

Julie Mayfield

After a child is diagnosed with ADHD, parents can easily become flooded with information and overwhelmed with treatment and medication decisions–as well as frustration, feelings of inadequacy, and different points of view.

Teacher to Teacher and School Success: A Holistic Approach to Educating Faculty and Staff about ADHD

Mari Foret

Here’s how one school prepared for a successful school year with a workshop on the latest research, strategies, and practical classroom techniques and interventions for students with ADHD.

Connect on the CHADD Exchange

Barbara A. Fowler

Want a quick answer to a question about ADHD from someone in a similar situation? Want to run a new strategy by peers before you try it? Need to vent about a frustrating situation? Form a circle of supportive individuals? All of this is now available online.

Transforming Anxiety:

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

ADHD and Homework Struggles

Ann Dolin, MEd

No Abstract.

Talking with Employers

Steven Peer former CHADD President

No Abstract.