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Attention Magazine April 2013

When Considering a Pet For Your Family

Michael Kaufman

No abstract.

Helping Students with ADHD and Language Disability

Linda E. Spencer PhD, CCC-SLP

Many students with ADHD have challenges in the area of language that make it difficult for them to understand and respond appropriately in the classroom.

Animal-Assisted Activities for Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioral Needs

Steve Klee

Supported by clinical and educational professionals who facilitate contact with animals and nature, troubled children reconnect to the strengths they have inside.

ADHD and Pet Ownership: Five Reasons to Include a Pet in Your Family

Elaine Taylor-Klaus MCC, CPCC

There’s nothing quite like a tail-wagging, panting, magical training ground for responsible relationship building.

Looking for Silver Linings in the ADHD Playbook

Devon MacEachron

Are there positive attributes–strengths or abilities–that accompany the more obvious negative aspects of having ADHD? Is there any evidence for such “gifts”?

Spring Cleaning? ADHD? No Problem!

Leslie Rouder

Eight tips from an ADHD coach can help you be consistently more productive and get those seasonal projects done.

ADHD and Hoarding: What It Is, Why It Happens, and How to Help without Harming

Debbie Stanley

Reality television fails to present an accurate picture of hoarding, and does an even poorer job of explaining the impact of co-occuring conditions such as ADHD.

The Irvine Paraprofessional Program

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Teaching Athletics to Children with ADHD

Matthew Lucas

No Abstract.

The Other Side of Adult ADHD

Astra Tudisco

No Abstract.