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Attention Magazine April 2014

Digital Note-Taking: Helping You Get It and Keep It Together

Anne M. Fein

Frustration results when many people with ADHD try to take useful, legible, organized notes or to rely on listening skills and memory. Here are some 21st-centry solutions.

To Write or to Type?

Zara Harris

Should we abandon handwriting, a skill that challenges many students affected by ADHD?

Time Out: What You Need to Know About the Gap Year Experience

Jeremy Neidens

More and more high-school grads are finding value in deferring college enrollment to participate in a constructive year off.

ADHD Teen Trouble

Zoe Kessler

Like so many girls with undiagnosed ADHD, by the time I hit puberty my self-esteem had plummeted, writes this noted author on her adolescent years.

Before I Knew Better: ADHD and Regret

Marie S. Paxson

No one deals with ADHD challenges perfectly all the time. So how do you let go of the past?

Welcome to CHADD’s New Office

Alice Dull

Photos of CHADD’s open house on February 29, 2014, and CHADD staff.

Where are CHADD’s Young Scientist Awardees Now?

Zuali Malsawma

No Abstract.

Me Want Cookie, Me Can Wait: Sesame’s Street’s Vision for Helping Children Improve Self-Control

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

First ADHD Walk & Family Fun Day

Christine Hoch

No Abstract.

Recent chats with Timothy Wilens, MD; Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA; David Goodman, MD; Ericka Wodka, PhD, ABPP-CN

Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA

No Abstract.