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Attention Magazine April 2016

Your Family is a Masterpiece…Here’s Why

Dan Griffin

When behavioral approaches and medication don’t seem to be enough, a family-systems approach can be the most effective way to help with ADHD-related problems.

Behavior Change: Back to the Basics

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

While most kids with ADHD do respond to the basic principles of behavior management, they may need more repetition and active management for a longer period of time.

The (Un)Surprising Emotional Nature of ADHD

Erica D. Musser

It’s not simply a disorder of behavior and cognition, but also emotion.

Understanding Compassion Fatigue

Mark Katz, PhD

What factors put parents or caregivers at risk for emotional or physical exhaustion? Why are self-care plans so critical?

The Teacher Card on ADHD

Sharon Bell

CHADD’s simple, evidence-based resource was created to support educators and enable families to partner with schools.

What Everyone Should Know About ADHD

Katherine Ellison

When you need to dispel myths and set the record straight, these questions and answers can help.

Another Kind of “MEDS”

Brett Thornhill

Lifestyle changes can greatly enhance the effectiveness of an overall ADHD treatment strategy.

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Making Decisions

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

No Abstract.

Update: Bicycle Accidents, Tics, and Lead Exposure

Meghan Miller

No Abstract.

Support for Partners

Suda Lih

No Abstract.


Mark Wilson

No Abstract.

Favorite Fidget Toys

No Abstract.