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Attention Magazine August 2001

Mental Health Clinical Research–Part 2


This is the second part of a multi-part series on participating in clinical research. This article explains what a placebo control group is, what the investigator’s responsibility is if a patient has a clinical crisis, and what protections exist for research subjects.

Anger Overload in Children: Diagnostic and Treatment Issues

David Gottlieb

This article defines anger disturbances in children and outlines effective treatment strategies. It explains how to differentiate among anger overload, bipolar disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. The author tells how to use behavior modification, therapy, and cognitive treatment strategies to deal with anger overload.

The Race Is On: A Cooperative Game for Reducing Sibling Aggression

Kristin E. Robinson

This article suggests that parents should teach social skills when sibling squabbles escalate to the potentially harmful level. It describes the use of behavior contracts, racetrack games, and staying C.A.L.M. (check-in, acknowledge appropriate behaviors, link skills to feelings, manage the environment).

Does Competition Build Kids’ Self-Esteem?

Carol E. Watkins

This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of competitive sports for children with ADHD. The author points out that competition may make some children feel alive and better able to pay attention

ADHD in Older Adults: The Missing Diagnosis

Robert W. Hester

Adults with ADHD are often misdiagnosed and treated for other psychiatric disorders, which can worsen ADHD symptoms. This article describes the lack of information about older adults with ADHD and describes the symptoms of adult ADHD. It also briefly describes treatment.