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Attention Magazine August 2004

Focus on Homework

Angela Clarke

This article discusses what can be done by parents and teachers of children with ADHD to improve their homework completion and accuracy. Specific interventions are described that encourage cooperation between parents and teachers to improve homework performance by students.

College Success

Lynda J. Katz

This article identifies some of the issues related to ADHD that may affect college students. It gives guidelines referring to possible accommodations that can be made to students. Specific strategies are also given to assist with areas such as reading and taking notes.

Addressing Fears and Prejudices about ADHD

Thomas E. Brown PhD

In this article, Dr. Thomas Brown describes his work with individuals with ADHD and assesses common misconceptions.

Enfoque en las tareas o Asignaciones

Stephen L. Soffer

El presente art�culo versa sobre lo que los padres y maestros de ni�os con TDA/H pueden hacer para mejorar los niveles de exactitud y culminaci�n de sus tareas. Se describen intervenciones espec�ficas las cuales promueven la cooperaci�n entre los padres y maestros para mejorar el desempe�o por parte de los estudiantes.