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Attention Magazine August 2007

Preschoolers and ADHD

Mark L. Wolraich MD

This article discusses ADHD diagnosis and treatment in preschool-aged children.

The Four ATE’s of Effective Student Advocacy

Robert M. Tudisco Esq

This article discusses maximizing your child’s education opportunities and minimize obstacles along theway by following these four simple rules.

A 504 Primer: Accommodating your child’s needs through a 504 Plan

Terry J. Illes

This article discussing obtaining interventions and accommodations within your child’s regular classroom under Section 504.

Accommodations for Post-Secondary Students under ADA

Robert M. Tudisco Esq

This article discusses the educational environment change for students with disabilities after graduation from high school.

From the Pinnacle of Business Success to Financial Ruin

Bryan Goodman

Part Three of the series on ADHD and finances profiles a man with ADHD who saw his successful real estate business fall apart.

Del pinaculo del exito commercial a la runia economica

Bryan Goodman

Como se desmorono el negocio de bienes raices de un hombre con al TDA/H.

Award program Sends Seven to Camp in 2007

Jar Lampard

The recipients of this year’s camp award.

Ask the Expert: Assistive Technology

Ann Abramowitz PhD

Two experts on ADHD–Ann Abramowitz, Ph.D., and L. Eugene Arnold, M.D., M.Ed.–address questions about assistive technologies for ADHD from CHADD communications manager Karen Sampson, M.A.