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Attention Magazine August 2009

Medication Safety: Stimulant Medications and Sudden Death

Ann Abramowitz PhD

Two researchers shed light on a recently published study that raised concerns about the risks of treatment.

The Other Side of the Aisle: Mary Matalin

Bryan Goodman

The Republican political strategist talks about life with two kids, a Democrat, and ADHD.

Head Start ADHD Case Conferencing

Judith Champion

A Parent to Parent certified teacher shares her passionate journey into early intervention for at-risk children through training early childhood educators about the disorder.

Lying about Schoolwork

Jeffrey Bernstein

When children with ADHD fall into a pattern of avoiding schoolwork and not being truthful about it, what?s a parent to do?

ADHD and College: A Professor’s Perspective

Jeanne Rollberg

Postsecondary education can be challenging for students with attention deficits. Educating faculty members about one’s needs as a student may be the key to success.

Look to Their Gifts

Nadine Taylor Barnes

This first article in a series on raising children with ADHD discusses the impact of a mother’s response to the diagnosis.

Behavior and School

George J. DuPaul PhD

Parents of children affected by ADHD often have questions about children’s behavior in school. During an Ask the Expert online chat held earlier this year, parents posed questions directly to George DuPaul, PhD, a professor of school psychology and chairperson of the department of education and human services at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Tips on Returning to College for Adults with ADHD

Karen Sampson

For adults affected by ADHD, now is one of the best times in history to return to college, or to attend for the first time. Many who had bad experiences when they were younger find achieving a degree possible with the improved understanding, accommodations, and systems of support now available for students with attention deficits.

First Step to Success: An Early Intervention for Children with Symptoms of ADHD

Mark Katz, PhD

Recent research shows that First Step to Success can help young school-aged children struggling with symptoms of ADHD. Developed at the University of Oregon’s Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior under the direction of Hill Walker, PhD, and Annemieke Golly, PhD, the program is recognized nationally as an effective early intervention for reducing aggression in children who exhibit such behaviors during their early school years.

School Safety and Mental Health

Cynthia A. Smith

This month’s column focuses on legislation introduced recently to address the safety and mental health needs of all students, including students with ADHD and related disorders.

School-Based Interventions for ADHD

Sam Goldstein

This column provides an overview of a number of relevant studies from among the increasing number of published studies that focus on interventions and classroom support for students with ADHD.