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Attention Magazine August 2011

Is Recess a Luxury?

Barbara Hawkins

Many schools have replaced recess with increased academic learning. At schools that have kept it, children can lose recess as a consequence for behavioral issues. Are our children paying a price we’ve only just begun to understand?

Tip Sheets from the Northern Virginia ADHD Partnership

A program that pioneered the training of school staff and parents to meet the academic and emotional needs of students with ADHD shares some of its accumulated strategies and wisdom.

Brilliant Minds with Learning Differences

Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

While we’ve come so far in training educators to teach all kinds of minds, awareness and acceptance of ADHD and learning differences seem to stop at the doors of graduate and professional schools.

Going It Alone Wasn’t Getting Her There

Katherine McGavern

A second-year medical student works with an ADHD coach to identify how her symptoms impeded her studies and develop strategies to address them.

A Student’s Journey with ADHD

Keath Low

Although she struggled in school from an early age, by the time she entered high school Morgan Plowman had become a confident and motivated student. How did she do it?

Learning to Think Socially: The ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Other Avenues: When Traditional College Is Not the Answer

Arlyn Roffman PhD

A chat with Arlyn Roffman, PhD.

Ten Back-to-School Strategies

Terry Matlen ACSW

No Abstract.