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Attention Magazine August 2015

Your Child’s Memory Needs

Vincent J. Morello

How is it possible for a child to study information carefully one day, yet fail to recall it the next?

Are you done yet?

Ann Dolin, MEd

Is your child easily distracted during homework time? Here’s how to help.

The Importance of ADHD Treatment Monitoring

David Rabiner

Online tools can provide vital information and feedback from parents and teachers, giving health care providers a clear sense of whether treatment is working as intended.

Ferryboats: A Different Way to Explain the Role of ADHD Medication

Zara Harris

Here’s how one occupational therapist explains when the concept of neurotransmitters seems a bit too complex

On Restraint and Seclusion in Our Schools

Carl R. Smith

Family members of children with ADHD have reasons to be concerned about the use these practices.

Supporting Your Teen through the First Semester of College: A Parents Guide

Christina Fabrey

Simple conversation starters and strategies you can use as your college student embarks on and adjust to this new adventure.

Why participate in ADHD Research?

Meghan Miller

For starters, it’s a powerful way to make a difference.

Fitness & Your Brain: How to Start and Stick with Exercise

Chris Marino

A better understanding of the relationship between motivation and exercise behaviors can help adults with ADHD incorporate fitness into their lives.

Transforming Fixed Mindsets into Growth Mindsets

Mark Katz, PhD

Adults and ADHD Pride

Are you loud and proud about your ADHD? Or quiet? Why?

Managing Time, Distractions, and Differences

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA