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Attention Magazine December 2000

ADHD and the National Institute of Mental Health: Where are we now and where are we going?

Heather Ringeisen

This article details current research being undertaken by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) regarding the causes and treatment of ADHD. Future plans for ADHD research are also outlined.

Should You Tell Your Employer You Have ADHD?

Patricia Horan Latham

This article gives examples of instances when ADHD should not be disclosed to an employer. It also gives strategies on when and how ADHD should be disclosed to an employer.

ADHD in Women: Do We Have the Complete Picture?

Patricia O. Quinn MD

This article addresses existing deficiencies in treating women with ADHD. The influence of hormonal fluctutations and estrogen on the brain are explained. The impact of menopause on ADHD symptoms is also discussed.

Living and Succeeding with Attention-Deficit Disorder

Jonathan Finkel

This article provides guidelines for individuals with ADHD in college. It describes strategies for communicating and working with teachers and professors. It also details strategies for properly completing classwork and homework.

Working Together: Parents and Time! Contingency Management Strategies and Time’s Influence on Motivation!

John K. Durall

Contingencies are based on an “if-then” principle; “if” someone performs a specific behavior, “then” they will receive a negative or positive consequence. Children with ADHD are not motivated to complete “if” tasks without gaining a “then” positive consequence immediately. Strategies for positively reinforcing behavior in regards to contingincies are outlined.

High School Girls With ADHD

Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

This article outlines a number of issues and challenges that are faced by teenage girls with ADHD. It describes strategies for parents and professionals to address issues and reduce certain risks. Strategies are also described for teenage girls to gain more independence and autonomy.