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Attention Magazine December 2003

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa…Holiday Overspending

Michael Romaniuk

Holiday overspending can be an acute issue for some adults with ADHD. This article offers strategies for overcoming the common pitfalls of the shopping process.

Scott Eyre Finds Relief

Peg Nichols

This article describes Scott Eyre’s experiences living with and getting treatment for ADHD. Eyre, a successful baseball pitcher, discusses his strategies for dealing with ADHD. Dr. Robert Brooks comments on the factors that helped Eyre succeed despite the lack of an early diagnosis.

Assessing Complementary and Controversial Interventions

Phyllis Anne Teeter Ellison

This article summarizes some of the tips for parents that can be found in CHADD’s fact sheet on Assessing Complementary and Controversial Interventions, which was recently revised.

A 24-Month Follow-up to the NIMH MTA Study

Howard B. Abikoff

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Multimodal Treatment study of Children with ADHD–or MTA for short–has received a great deal of attention in the scientific literature over the last four years. This article offers a preview of new findings observed at the 24-month follow-up assessment. The authors conclude that the benefits of intensive medication management for ADHD extended 10 months beyond the intensive treatment phase, although the effects appeared to diminish over time.

Neurocognitive Psychotherapy for ADHD

Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

Neurocognitive psychotherapy addresses both psychological distress and concrete problems in daily living in an integrated fashion. This article describes the use of cognitive-behavioral techniques in treating adults with ADHD.

Does Neurofeedback Help Kids with ADHD?

Peter Freer

Neurofeedback has become a popular, albeit controversial, intervention used for the treatment of ADHD. This article explains how neurofeedback training is conducted, offers a history of neurofeedback, and describes the current state of the evidence for neurofeedback treatment.

Just What is Coaching?

David Giwerc

This article describes the use of ADHD coaches to help clients develop problem-solving skills to cope with their ADHD. It explains what coaches do, what professional regulations and standards exist for coaches, and how to select a coach.