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Attention Magazine December 2007

ADHD Safe Driving Program: A Graduate License Plan

Mark Katz, PhD

Good news for teens with ADHD wanting to improve their driving skills and also reduce their risk of car accidents and traffic violations the ADHD Safe Driving Program can help.

The Price We All Pay

Gloria Kay Vanderhorst

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a lifelong condition . Like other chronic conditions, interventions lead to imporvements and early interventions are beneficial. Edward Hallowell, MD, a leading expert in ADHD, is a strong advocate for early identification because he recognizes the emotional damage caused by the child’s experience of frustration and failure and the pain of being labeled as “stupid” or “difficult.”

Reducing Risk: Child Abuse and Children with ADHD.

Lisa Humphreys

Child Abuse is a serious public health concern in the United States. Promoting the well-being of children and preventing maltreatment are important goals, because children who experience mistreatment can face lasting difficulties related to biological, social, emotional and cognitive functioning. Children with disabilities, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, are at increase risk for abuse and neglect.

Preventing Problem Behaviors

Terry J. Illes

No abstract available.

La Prevencion Conductas Problematicas

Terry J. Illes

No abstract available.

A Passionate Advocate

Karen Sampson

First lady launches inaugural CHADD support groups in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

CHADD’s Youth Golf Initiative

Laura DeShano

A golf program for children with ADHD sparks interest, self-esteem, and education about the disorder.

The Summer Camp Search: Savvy Tips for a Successful Hunt

Jar Lampard

Finding the right camp is like finding the right doctor or medication. It will take research and many discussions before you find a good fit for your child. To keep from getting overwhelmed, start early and consider the following savvy tips.

Congressional Recap

Paul J. Seifert

Several recent actions in congress impact people affected by ADHD and related disorders.

Michael’s Perfect Bar Mitzvah: One parent’s Survival Tips for Any Successful Lifecycle Celebration

Beverly Weaver

No abstract available.

Looking at ADHD Prevalence – A Chat with Tanya Froehlich

No abstract available.