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Attention Magazine December 2008

Researchers on ADHD Research

Susan Buningh

What bright promises does the future hold for people with ADHD? Some of the world’s top researchers talk about scientific advances that will improve our understanding of the disorder, target causes and prevention, and provide effective treatment methods.

From Hyper to Happy: Seasonal Tips for Anyone Affected by ADHD

Karen Sampson

Make the holidays work for you, instead of working yourself into a frazzle. There’s friendly advice for everyone–adults with ADHD, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles–to help you at this busy time of year.

Felices Fiestas: Ideas de temporada para cualquier persona afectada por el TDA/H

Karen Sampson

Encontramos muchas ideas para hacer que esta �poca festiva fluya m�s suavemente y se convierta en una experience placentera en su hogar.

Gifts of Hope and Education: An Interview with the Dendys

Russell L. Shipley Jr.

The Dendy family makes a difference for many others by delivering the message of their lived experience: Families affected by ADHD not only can survive, they can prevail over the challenges of the disorder. The longtime advocates explain how to make a lasting difference.

2008 Young Scientist Research Fund Awards

Three young researchers, each dedicated to improving treatments for ADHD, describe their award-winning work.