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Attention Magazine December 2011

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Invisible Fences, and Adult ADHD

J. Russell Ramsay

After years of experiencing criticism and misunderstanding, many adults with ADHD conclude that their difficulties reflect character flaws or laziness. Focusing on such negative outlooks and attitudes is an important component of treatment for adult ADHD, particularly in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Voices of ADHD Diagnosis in Midlife and Beyond

Gina Pera

Four adults with ADHD share the challenges they faced on their paths to diagnosis later in life–and the changes they’ve experienced as a result of awareness, diagnosis, and treatment.

Eh, listen…I’m wondering if you’ve ever thought about…wondered… (cringe, recoil) whether you might have ADHD?

James Karustis

Do you dare to say anything if you suspect that someone in your life has undiagnosed ADHD? What if that someone is outside your immediate circle of family and friends–your boss, your employee, or that cashier at the supermarket?

Childcare Challenges

Marie S. Paxson

Is finding childcare one of your biggest challenges in parenting a child with ADHD? Do your older teens and young adults with ADHD require supervision if you go away? Hear from five parents and two caregivers.

Survive the Holidays – a chat with Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW

Terry Matlen ACSW

No Abstract.

A Damnable Gift

Tim Pitts

No Abstract.