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Attention Magazine December 2012

The Secret Lives of Girls with ADHD

Ellen Littman PhD

With abundant information available on ADHD, we may have a false sense that we know more about the experience of girls and young women than we really do.

Power of the Group: Girls Helping Girls

Patrice B. F. Garver

Peer support among girls with ADHD within a group setting can be an effective, therapeutic, and empowering experience.

Bullies in the Workplace

Bryan Jaffe

Workplace bullying is real and can have devastating consequences. Many people with ADHD tend to take criticism personally, so they must take extra care to distinguish between legitimate feedback and bullying.

My Big Fat ADHD Holiday

Three readers share tales of surviving celebrations gone awry.

Celebrating Human Differences: The Movement of Imperfection

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Handling Seasonal Stress

Marie S. Paxson

No Abstract.

ADHD and Spirituality

No Abstract.

The 2012 CHADD Summer Camp Awards

Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA

No Abstract.

Spanish P2P Teacher Certification Training Held

Isabel O'Daly

No Abstract.