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Attention Magazine December 2014

Creative Approaches for Better Decision Making

Jack Anderson

Paralyzed by indecision? Making impulsive choices? Maybe you need an approach more suited to your ADHD brain.

Algebra II for All? Strategies for Survival

Theresa Warner

It can be one of the biggest challenges of high school for students with ADHD. But with some planning and strategizing, they can survive, and maybe even thrive, in Algebra II.

Yep, There’s an App for That: Choosing Apps for Executive Function Challenges

Linda Beliveau

You might be surprised at the variety of apps that will keep you on task and scratching things off your “to do” list.

ADHD and Homeschooling

Kathy Kuhl

As the trend grows, parents are using new resources to educate their children who are struggling learners. Even if you don’t homeschool, you may learn something from what they’re doing that will benefit your child.

Bringing Hope: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Awareness in Mexico [interview with Maria Elena Frade Rubio]

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

The founder of Proyectodah highlights ten years of accomplishments and progress.

SMARTS: An Executive Function Training Curriculum for Middle and High School Students

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

2014 CHADD Young Scientist Awards

Stephen P. Becker

No Abstract.

Home Is Where I Belong, Right?

Sheila Blaine

No Abstract.

A Road Uphill and Windy as Hell

Kevin Brown

No Abstract.

Artistry and ADHD

Marta Bota

No Abstract.

Say This, Not That!

No Abstract.

Cheering Section

No Abstract.