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Attention Magazine December 2015

The Psychology of Medication

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

Why does such an effective treatment evoke such negative reactions?


Roberto Olivardia PhD

These two disorders co-occur more commonly than people might think, and proper assessment and treatment are critical.

Listen Closely: How ADHD Affects Communication

Mark Bertin MD

Learn to recognize the various issues and identify strategies than can help your child with ADHD.

Religious Education and Children with ADHD

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi

How can you help your child have a successful experience in your faith community?

ADHD and the Boarding School Option

Joanna Schilling

The smaller classes, traditional structures, and potential for individual support are attracting more parents to consider this kind of educational environment.

Enabling vs. Empowering: Creating New Habits is Critical

Melissa Knight

Be prepared to step back at times and allow your child to fail.

Taking the Tunnel

Jon L. Thomas EdD, LPC

The stress of the young adulthood transition is often brutal for individuals affected by ADHD.

Emotional Consequences of Growing Up with ADHD

Judith M. Glasser

How do kids feel about their ADHD and how can parents support them?

Reducing the Risks: Behind the Wheel with ADHD

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Appreciation, Consistency, and Conversation

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

No Abstract.

Sharing Our Strengths

Annette Tabor

No Abstract.

2015 Young Scientist Awards

Meghan Miller

No Abstract.