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Attention Magazine February 2001

Designing Successful Educational Programs for Students with Challenging Behaviors

Wanda G. Chandler

This article describes the functional behavioral assessment (FBA), an important part of a student’s educational plan when there are behavior problems. The authors explain what kind of information the FBA provides and what the procedures are for conducting an FBA.

Those A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Preschoolers with ADHD

Mary N. Wonderlick MA

This article provides some tips for parents to deal with preschoolers who exhibit impulsivity, short attention spans, and hyperactivity.

Fatherhood and ADHD

Patrick Kilcarr

This article describes the special challenges that fathers often face in parenting children with ADHD. It emphasizes the importance of practicing calm disciple and accepting the child’s behavior.

The National Assault on Childhood Mental Disorders

E. Clarke Ross

This article describes the public hearings on the use of psychiatric medications in schools that have recently been held in five states. The author explains who is behind these hearings and what tactics are used to draw the attention of boards of education and legislatures. He also describes his personal experiences as a father of a 10-year-old son with multiple disorders.

Are Girls with ADHD Socially Adept?

Janet Z. Giler

This article suggests that girls with ADHD may have more social problems than boys because the ADHD personality traits are less acceptable in female social interactions. It discusses difficulties that girls have in five areas: appearing uninterested because of poor listening skills

The ABCs of ADHD: A Primer for Parents and Teachers

Harvey C. Parker

This article presents basic information about ADHD, including the prevalence of ADHD in the population, how ADHD is diagnosed, treatment options, and managing behavior. It includes an ADHD symptom checklist.