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Attention Magazine February 2005

Getting Evaluated for Adult ADHD

Peter Jaksa

This article gives an overview of the comprehensive evaluation required to diagnose ADHD in adults. Tests, rating scales, and personal considerations that comprise the evaluation are described in depth.

How Children with Learning Disabilities Fare in the Juvenile Justice System

Joseph B. Tulman

This article discusses how school systems often fail to provide adequate accommodations to children with learning disabilities and the increased likelihood of children with disabilities to be incarcerated, specifically those that are minorities or have low income backgrounds. Federal law pertaining to disabilities, such as the American with Disabilities Act and IDEA and Section 504, are explained. In addition to flaws in the educational and juvenile justice system, other factors are identified for the high rate of children with disabilities that are incarcerated, such as inadequately trained attorneys and poor decision making by law enforcement officers.

ADHD in Latinos

Andrea M. Chronis

This article reviews current research on mental health service use among the Latino population. It identifies the importance of diagnosing and treating ADHD among Hispanic children and recognizing different cultural values within the population.

El TDA/H en los Latinos

Yamalis Diaz PhD

Este articulo examina investigaciones actuales en el uso de el servicio de la salud mental en la poblacion Latina. Identifica la importancia de diagnosticar y tratar ADHD en los ni�os hispanos y reconoce los diferentes valores culturales en la poblacion.