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Attention Magazine February 2007

Stories of Struggle and Success

Katrina Norfleet

Katrina Norfleet was serving as the senior information specialist for CHADD’s National Resource Center when her daughter, Maya, and son, Jared, were both diagnosed with ADHD.

Historias de Lucha y Logro

Katrina Norfleet

Katrina Norfleet servia como especialista de informacion senior del Centro Nacional de Recursos cuando su hija, Maya y su hijo, Jared, fueron diagnosticados con el TDA/H.

Attention-Deficit Dependency

Aden A. Burka

Although the family patterns are most obvious as children with ADHD move from elementary to middle school, vestiges of the dependency problems continue into adolescence and adulthood, and they can be a source of considerable family tensions.

Lost in the Shuffle

Mary Robertson

ADHD-C (combined typed) and ADHD-1 (predominantly inattentive type) differ dramatically, yet within the DSM-IV, they are subtypes of the same disorder: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Understanding the Differences Between ADHD-C and ADHD-I:

Mary Robertson

An Interview with Richard Milich.

The Genetics of ADHD

Sam Goldstein

Understanding the role genes play in determining the risk, course and outcome of psychiatric problems; and the rapid growth in the number of peer-reviewed scientific literature examining complex genetic issues related to ADHD.