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Attention Magazine February 2008

Street Ready: Simulation Training for Inexperienced Drivers

Mark Katz, PhD

Experienced drivers are accustomed to near misses. New drivers are not. This raises a very important question. How can we better prepare new drivers to handle unxpected dangers without exposing them and others to actual danger? Simulation training may be the answer.

ADHD, Biopolar Disorder, and Effective Treatment: A Chat with Marilyn Benoit

No abstract available.

Executive Functions – Describing Six Aspects of a Complex Syndrome

Thomas E. Brown PhD

Attention is an incredibly complex, multifaceted function of the mind. It plays a crucial role in what we perceive, remember, think, feel, and do. And its not just one isolated activity of the brain.

Understanding the Link Between Executive Functions and School Success

Chris Zeigler

School is often very difficult for students with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. When exeuctive function deficits are present, the accompanying problem may become overwhelming to the student and his or her family.

Entendiendo la Relacion entre Las Funciones Ejecutivos yel Exito Academico

Chris Zeigler

Con frecuencia, la escuela es muy dificil para los estudiantes que presentan el transorno por deficit de atencion/hiperactividad. Cuando hey deficit en las funciones ejecutivas, los problemas que vienen con esto pueden ser abrumadores para el estudiante y su familia. (Translation by Carmen Salas.)

A Legislator’s Mission

Susan Buningh

No Abstract Available.

Hall of Fame Conference Highlights

Karen Sampson

For five days in November 2007, nearly 1,600 people gathered for a conference that was part education, part advocacy, and part anniversary celebration.

2007 Young Scientist Research Fund Award

Susan Buningh

No Abstract Available.

2008 Public Policy Agenda

E. Clarke Ross

Building a social movement to promote the rights and welfare of persons with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and related disorders includes efforts to influence public policies.

Update on Neuropsychological Testing and ADHD

Sam Goldstein

Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. Neuropsychologists have taken an active interest in appreciating and understanding the neuropsychological presentation of individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder throughout the lifespan. Most people, however, are unaware of the extensive neurophological research in ADHD.

Morning on the Hill Experiences

Devoted to real-life testimonies of coping with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.