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Attention Magazine February 2011

How You Can Be a Friendship Coach for Your Child with ADHD

Amori Yee Mikami

You may be used to investing hard work into helping your child succeed academically. But what can you do about your child’s social challenges?

Friendship Boosters for Adults with ADHD

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

Relationships are important to your mental and physical health. Part of managing your ADHD involves managing how you relate to other people.

Women with ADHD and Friendship

Karen Sampson Hoffman, MA

For women with executive function challenges, the process of building and maintaining friendships doesn’t come easily, but small changes made gradually can have a big impact.

Does Coaching Help College Students with ADHD?

Patricia O. Quinn MD

Self-determination and executive functioning skills are critical for successful postsecondary education, but can be lacking in students challenged by ADHD. Can specialized coaching help?

Recognition and Appreciation in Atlanta

Awards presented during the 2010 CHADD conference.

Classroom Strategies for Improving Working Memory

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

When Responsibilities Outweigh Readiness

Ruth Hughes PhD

No Abstract.

He Reminds Me of Me / It’s Never Too Late / What More Could a Parent Ask For?

Jeanne Kraus

No Abstract.

More Naysayer Encounters, Part Two

Marie S. Paxson

No Abstract.