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Attention Magazine February 2013

ADHD and the Decision to Medicate

Kevin T. Kalikow

For parents facing the dilemma of whether or not their child should be treated with medication for ADHD, it’s helpful to understand the decision-making formula that has guided physicians for thousands of years.

Developing a Brain Filter: How to Help Highly Impulsive Children and Teens Stop and Think Before Acting

Monte W. Davenport

Does your child, tween, or teen GO, THINK, and then STOP? Here’s how to teach your impulsive one to STOP, THINK, and then GO.

The Joy of a Job Well Done: Building Competence through Chores

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

Chores help children to learn values and acquire skills–and increase the likelihood of lifelong success. So, how do you add chores to their daily routines when they’re already struggling to keep up with school and homework due to ADHD and executive function challenges?

Embracing Differences: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Women with ADHD

Kari Dossett

More women are affected by ADHD than once believed, even if they are not identified until later in life. The neurobiological deficits reach across all domains and developmental stages of their lives, potentially impacting higher education, social relationships, finances, health, career, and parenting.

Thriving with FAST MINDS

Tim Bilkey

How can knowing the factors that help you to “engage” help you to improve your life with ADHD?

LETS Erase the Stigma

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Effects of Childhood ADHD on Adult Employment

Soleil Gregg

No Abstract.

Is There an APP for That? Social Skills for Young Adults with ADHD

Michele Novotni PhD

No Abstract.

Teacher Wish List

Jeanne Kraus

No Abstract.