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Attention Magazine February 2014

Parents Taking Action as Case Managers

Dulce Torres

Our three-part series, “Parents as Case Managers: A Roadmap for ADHD Management,” concludes with a blueprint for action.

Have You Noticed You’re Not Good at Noticing?

Oren W. Mason

Coming to the realization that one probably has ADHD can be dastardly hard.

I’m So Bored…How to Deal with ADHD and Boredom

Jeff Copper

It won’t kill you, but it may erode your happiness and lead to problematic behaviors.

Awakening the Inner Coach

Dona Witten

An ADHD coach describes how she helps people with ADHD gradually to become their own coaches.

Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and ADHD

Edward B. Aull

Our thinking about Asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and ADHD has changed significantly in the past decade.

Navigating the College Accommodations Process

Christina Fabrey

Students with ADHD and their parents, take note: At the postsecondary level, accommodations are more focused on access than success.

They Told Me My Child is Disturbed: ADHD with Other Mental Health Conditions Goes to School

Shari Gent

If you child is diagnosed with a coexisting mental health condition, support from a qualified professional is essential–as is a quality educational program.

Not in Our School: A Student-to-Student Campaign to Create a Safe and Inclusive School Day for All

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.