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Attention Magazine June 2000

UCLA Genetic Study

Susan Smalley

This study focused on the genes involved in ADHD with the aim of developing better diagnostic tools and treatments. Previous studies have shown a strong genetic influence on ADHD

Post-Secondary School Options

Scott Beeler

This article describes options for individuals with ADHD who have graduated high school. For individuals who do not plan attend to college, programs are described that assist them in gaining independence and self-sufficiency.

Coping and Compensatory Stategies Used by Adults with Attentional Problems

Barbara B. Dahl

This study was comprised of a group of adults diagnosed with ADHD who were able to obtain higher degrees and achieve occupational success. The article outlines many of the coping strategies used by these individuals to deal with difficult situations and be successful.

Two Common Reading Problems Experienced by Many ADHD Adults

Kevin T. Blake

One reading problem experienced by ADHD adults is Reading Disorder-Dyslexia, which causes difficulties in phonological awareness, rapid automatized naming and orthographic processing. Another common reading problem is Reading disorder of Recall/Comprehension (RDR/C), which hinders ADHD adults in remembering what they read.

Understanding Preschool Girls with ADHD

Kathleen G. Nadeau, PhD

This article explains the different subtypes for ADHD and explains what parents can look for if they suspect their preschool girl has it. It also describes positive steps that can be taken to help preschool girls deal with ADHD-related difficulties.