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Attention Magazine June 2006

Positive Parenting for your Child with ADHD

Susan M. Sheridan

This article provides strategies for parents to focus on relationships, focus on strengthes, provide structure, and set children up to succeed.

La crianza positiva del niño que presenta el TDA/H

Susan M. Sheridan

Este articulo sugere estrategias para padres como enfoque en las relaciones, enfoque en las fortalezas, provea estructura, y prepare a su hijo para ser exitoso.

How Schools Can Adopt Strength-Based Practices

Kris Bosworth

This article describes how schools can create an environment that fosters growth and development. The main characteristics of strength-based practice are clear and consistent boundaries, high expectations, and caring and support.

Positive Psychology for Today’s Adolescents

Barbara L. Frankowski

This article describes how parents can encourage adolescent�s strengths to help them make positive life choices.