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Attention Magazine June 2009

This Side of the Aisle: One-on-One with James Carville

Bryan Goodman

Much of his life has been an open book, but few people know that the political celebrity was diagnosed with ADHD late in life.

Know the Tipping Points: Reducing Vulnerability to Antisocial Behavior in Youth with ADHD

Phillip Anderton

British police have learned that appropriate interventions at critical points can help steer young people in a more positive direction.

Enhancing Ownership and Empowerment in Preteen Children with ADHD

Aden A. Burka

Unprecedented external supports increase their ability to meet academic responsibilities, but today’s children with ADHD also need to learn to apply internal resources to minimize the disorder’s negative effects.

On the Move: The Discipline of Sport Improves the Outlook of Some with ADHD

Karen Sampson

For many people affected by this disorder, being active in a sport can help improve symptoms and build self-esteem.