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Attention Magazine June 2011

Mindfulness and Managing ADHD

Mark Bertin MD

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t “fix” ADHD, but it uniquely supports parents and families under often staggering pressure and stress.

Play Together: Have Fun While Helping Your Child with ADHD

Jeffrey M. Halperin

Exercise and play may be powerful tools for improving the symptoms of ADHD, as evidence is growing that enriching children’s environment through play can serve an important role in cognitive and social skills development by facilitating neural development.

Interacting with Your Child’s Sport Coach: How You Can Communicate Your Child’s Needs

Robbi Beyer

For your child to succeed and enjoy participating in recreational sports, you might need to discuss his or her ADHD with the coach. Here’s how.

Linking Fitness and Academic Readiness — an interview with Michael Wendt, EdD

Drawing on his doctoral research, a school administrator pioneered an innovative fitness program to help students identified with ADHD and behavioral issues.

Discover the Magic of the CHADD Conference – Creating Better Tomorrows

Anne Teeter Ellison

The co-chairs preview CHADD’s 23rd Annual International Conference on ADHD, scheduled to be held from November 10-12, 2011, at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Transforming Compassion into Action: The Heroic Imagination Project

Mark Katz, PhD

How can we change the behavior of concerned and caring bystanders who see it happening and who know it’s wrong, but who don’t speak up?

Therapy for Children with ADHD: When Is It Useful? How Can It Help?

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

A chat with Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD.

Artificial Food Dyes and ADHD

Ruth Hughes PhD

No Abstract.

Waiting for the Silence

Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld

No Abstract.