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Attention Magazine June 2013

Ten Myths About ADHD and Why They are Wrong

Thomas E. Brown PhD

We are learning more about executive function impairments, resulting in new understanding of ADHD.

Successfully Launching Your Teen or Young Adult with ADHD into the World

Patricia O. Quinn MD

Consider your parenting style: Are you enabling or empowering?

What You Need to Know About College Readiness

Katherine McGavern

An ADHD coach shares wisdom about preparing your son or daughter (and yourself!) for that ultimate campus drop-off day.

When Common Core Standards Meet Uncommon Learners: What You Need to Know About Changes in the Classroom

Janet Price

All but five states have begun implementing new curriculum based on these guidelines. What are the classroom implications for students with ADHD?

Supporting Students with ADHD in Independent and Private Schools

Susan H. Biggs

Private school can be a viable educational option for students with learning differences, but it’s important to understand the advantages as well as the challenges.

ADHD and Organizational Overload: Weathering an Academic Storm

Mark Bertin MD

Handling everyday logistics can be a real problem when you have ADHD, so your daily tasks quickly become monumental. What strategies can help?

The Specialisterne Story

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Can you Manage Money When You Have ADHD?

Stephanie Moulton Sarkis PhD

No Abstract.