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Attention Magazine June 2014

Breezing into Summer with ADHD

Terry Matlen ACSW

Transitions- even good ones-are difficult for adults with ADHD. Here are some suggestions to smooth your way into easy-living season.

Try a Goal-Oriented Summer

Abigail Levrini PhD

Summer grants you a perfect time frame to accomplish things you can’t focus on during the rest of the busy year.

Hands-On Support for Parents

Cindy Goldrich EdM, ADHD-CCSP

The journey of parenting a child with ADHD may be challenging, but help is available.

Never Dull: Trials and Tribulations of Raising and Teaching Gifted Students with ADHD

Billie Abney

Our 2013 Educator of the Year tells us how she learned to innovate in her classroom.^Children|Gifted|Parenting^^

The Exceptional Guilt of Raising Exceptional Children

Oren W. Mason

Parents of children with special needs are often criticized-especially by themselves-when they most need validation and support.