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Attention Magazine June 2022

When Your Teen Lacks Self-Confidence

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Remote Learning for Children with ADHD

Yuanyuan Jiang and Minyeong Cho


Ace the Break: Avoid the “Summer Slide”

Ann Dolin, MEd

Use this time as an opportunity to give your child the tools and knowledge they need to start the next school year with greater confidence.

Stimming and Fidgeting to Calm and Focus

Jami Demuth

Some children (and adults) find that repetitive behaviors help them, and they may engage in these behaviors without even realizing it.

College Planning for Students with ADHD

Judith Bass

As we learn more and more about the ADHD brain, it is evident that the transition from high school to college must be carefully thought out.

Will ADHD Symptoms Improve with Marijuana Use?

Margaret H. Sibley and L. Eugene Arnold

Two experts consider the anecdotes, the evidence, and the research emerging in the wake of legal change and industry growth.

Interoceptive Awareness and ADHD

Roberto Olivardia PhD

Often more externally oriented, people with ADHD can be unaware of important internal cues that are essential to healthy functioning.

Your Keys to a Happier ADHD Relationship

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

Most of us aspire to a relationship of working with our partner. So, how do we get there?

Maintaining Friendships

Cynthia Hammer, MSW

Positive relationships are essential. Here are steps you can take if your symptoms take things in a negative direction.

DB-IOP: Hope for Families in Crisis

Mark Katz, PhD


There’s STRENGTH IN CONNECTION, However You Connect

The largest ADHD event of the year will be a hybrid event. What does that mean?