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Attention Magazine October 2001

10 Back to School Tips for Parents and Kids

Julianne Dueber

This article provides 10 tips that will prepare kids for going back to school with the right attitude.

Choosing an Educational Consultant

Stephen G. Bozak

This article provides guidelines to aid in the selection process for an educational consultant. It offers tips about certification, placements, location, cost, and contracts.

Applying to College

Nancy Rosenberg

This article describes the key components of the college application process, including educational testing, awareness of the student’s learning strengths and weaknesses, and research into appropriate colleges. It covers Educational Testing Service (ETS) guidelines for ADHD accommodations as well as a list of tests that are acceptable for ADHD.

Requesting Academic Accommodations

Ronald L. English

This article explains how college students can advocate for accommodations in the classroom, even when the professor is indifferent or hostile. The authors walk the student though the process of dialoguing with individual professors, providing the exact words the student can use.

When a Sibling is Different

Patrick Kilcarr

Allowing a disability to control the roles and relationships within a family creates unnecessary strain for all involved, particularly for the siblings of the disabled child. This article discusses what parents can do to make sure that the disability does not negatively affect family interactions.

Mental Health Clinical Research, Part III


This article is the third part of a multi-part series on participating in clinical research. It discusses having access to the drugs that work after the trial is complete