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Attention Magazine October 2010

Atlanta: Pathways to Wellness, Healthy Minds, and Resilience

Marie S. Paxson

Preview the lineup of panel discussions and expert speakers at CHADD’s upcoming 22nd annual international conference on ADHD.

Parenting Young Adults with ADHD, an interview with Anthony L. Rostain, MD, MA,

Susan Buningh

Anthony Rostain, MD, MS, discusses the role of parents during the years when their children with ADHD transition into adulthood.

Is College Right for You?

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

College isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone. What should you consider when deciding? Can delaying college make a difference?

Coaching and Youth with ADHD

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett MCC, SCAC

The challenges of becoming an adult overwhelm many young people|with ADHD. How can specialized coaching make a difference in their lives?

ADHD and Adoption: Two Journeys

Ruth Hughes PhD

Studies show a significant overlap of adoption and ADHD. Support and information are crucial for the families who deal with both of these challenges.

New Tools for Improving the Lives of Adults with ADHD

Mark Katz, PhD

No abstract.

Doing Things at a Different Pace

Kelly Cavanagh

No abstract.

She Understands Herself Very Well

Karen Lowry

No abstract.