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Attention Magazine October 2013

You’re Different, Not Defective

Susan Buningh

Actress Wendy Davis shares her story and her message about ADHD.

The Parent’s Role Makes a Difference

Elaine Taylor-Klaus MCC, CPCC

Our three-part series, “Parents as Case Managers: A Roadmap for ADHD Management,” kicks off in this issue.

Is the Dandelion a Flower? Reflections on Thirty-Five Years of Working with Children with ADHD

Sam Goldstein

We must identify those parental and educational practices that nurture the skills and stress the hardiness children with ADHD need to deal with an increasingly complex and demanding world.

Social Learning and Social Functioning

Pamela Crooke

Social skills instruction should be based on abilities rather than diagnostic labels.

ADHD Parallels with Other Misunderstood Causes

Barbara Luther

What can we learn from other communities in order to raise awareness and reduce stigma?

Interventions at the Point of Performance

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Update on CHADD Young Scientist Award Recipients

Zuali Malsawma

No Abstract.

Championing Disability Rights

Paul D. Grossman JD

No Abstract.