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Attention Magazine October 2014

How the Media Represents ADHD

David W. Goodman MD

When reporters and editors craft and present news about ADHD, hidden agendas sometimes obscure balanced information or scientific accuracy.

Scouting and ADHD

Anthony Mei

The structure, challenges, and outdoor physical focus of scouting help many boys and young men with ADHD to succeed throughout their lives.

The Perfect Storm: When School Discipline and Criminal Prosecution Collide

Robert M. Tudisco Esq

It is crucial for parents of students with ADHD and some co-occuring conditions to be aware and prepared.

The ADHD Entrepreneurial Challenge

David Giwerc

Learn how to harness strengths and create daily momentum while managing weaknesses.

Ugly Organizational Systems

Jeff Copper

Can you find what you need when you need it and put your hands on it quickly?

Make Peace with Paper, Even if You Hate Filing

Kacy Paide

Three words make this professional office organizer cringe: “File, don’t pile.”

Brain Fitness Programs: Buy? Or Buyer Beware?

Pam Cook

Here are some guidelines for becoming an informed consumer.

Encouraging Changes

Ingrid Alpern

A mother shares her family’s experience with working memory training.

Mastermind vs. the Glitches: Organizational Skills Training

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

Rising Rates of ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Pamelynn Esperanza

No Abstract.

How to Embrace Your ADHD: A Teen’s Perspective

Grace Friedman

No Abstract.