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Attention Magazine Spring 1999

You and Your ADHD

Patrick Kilcarr

Throughout the life of the individual with ADHD, different ADHD characteristics emerge. This article highlights what the transitions from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to adulthood typically bring and offers strategies for managing these changes.

Amazing Grace: An Interview with Entertainer Mark Lowry

Lisa Horan

In this interview, singer/songwriter/comedian Mark Lowry discusses his success in the entertainment field and how ADHD shaped his life.

Getting the Most out of Summer Camp

Regina Skyer

This article provides advice for choosing a summer camp for a child with ADHD. It also tells how to deal with separation anxiety, and provides a list of Internet resources on summer camps.

Creating an Enriching Summertime Experience for Your Child with ADHD

Fred Frankel

This article presents a variety of summertime activities that children with ADHD can engage in. Suggestions are provided to parents for planning activities that their children can enjoy and benfit from.