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Attention Magazine Spring 2017

Teacher to Teacher: Supporting Students with ADHD

Trish White

CHADD’s training for educators is now available on a self-paced online platform.

From My Classroom to Yours: Supporting ADHD with Mindfulness Techniques

Elliott Buck

Activities that help students learn to pause and be calm can directly enhance self-regulation and learning.

How to Use Homework Apps Effectively

Carey A. Heller, PsyD

Help your child or teen get the full benefit of these popular digital tools.

The Top Three Accommodations for Students with EF Problems

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

What are the best ways to boost executive-function skills in the classroom?

How to Talk to Your Child About Your Own ADHD

Jonathan D. Carroll

Hint: Open and effective dialogue. You might even learn something

Failure to Launch: Addressing the Needs of Transition-Age Young Adults

Aaron Jennings

You can change negative patterns even if you’re caught in a dependency trap.

The American Health Care Act

CHADD Public Policy Committee

What does the AHCA mean for the ADHD community?

Accountability, Nagging, and Exercise

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

No Abstract.

Preparing for College Challenges [Webinar Guest: Oelking, Michelle]

Robyn Maggio

No Abstract.

Project-Based Learning

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract.

ADHD, Pregnancy, and Prenatal Risk

Meghan Miller

No Abstract.