ADHD Medication Shortages: What to Know and Do

IN RECENT YEARS, many new stimulant medications have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of ADHD. These new formulations vary in their duration of benefit, and many offer new ways that the medication is administered or “delivered.” Although this expanded range of stimulant medication options has been a significant…

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Is Adult ADHD Related to Sleep Challenges?

Is Adult ADHD Related to Sleep Challenges

Are adults with ADHD more likely to have difficulties with sleep, and in what ways? This research brief examines two studies that investigated the associations between sleep disturbances and adult ADHD. The first study found that sleep problems were more severe and greater in frequency among adults with ADHD compared to adults without ADHD who…

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Awards Presented at #ADHD2022

Each year, CHADD presents a series of awards honoring outstanding service and dedication to the ADHD community. In 2022, these awards were presented during the Annual International Conference on ADHD, co-hosted by CHADD, ADDA, and ACO. New this year was the Early Career Influencer Award, the first award presented jointly by all three organizations. Other…

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