How to Recover From a Friendship Breakup

Friendship Breakup

You have to admit that being dumped hurts. It hurts that the friendship is over and it hurts to feel rejected. Every time you hear your phone ring or ping with a text message, you find yourself hoping that it’s your friend reaching out to make amends. Breaking up is hard to do at any…

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Risky Behaviors Associated with ADHD

This research update focuses on risky behaviors associated with ADHD and what can be done to help mitigate these potential risks. What is the connection between risk-taking and ADHD? The first paper reviews research focused on risk-taking behavior in adolescents and adults with ADHD, including the connection between risk-taking and ADHD, underlying factors explaining this…

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Left Out: How Teachers Can Help Change a Student’s Negative Reputation

MANY CHILDREN WITH ADHD ARE SOCIALLY EXCLUDED by their classmates at school. Other students are reluctant to work with them. At recess, peers say that children with ADHD can’t play. These experiences can be painful and make school an unpleasant place. For this reason, it’s important to help children with ADHD to develop better relationships…

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