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Attention Magazine December 2020

Pre-Game Your Social Strategy

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Mountain Biking and Holistic Personal Development

Mark Katz, PhD


School-Based Services for Children with ADHD

Yuanyuan Jiang and Minyeong Cho


What Do Students with Attention Challenges Really Think About Remote Learning?

Shari Gent, MS, NCED

We’ve heard from researchers and stressed-out working parents; now let’s listen to the students.

Resilience in the Midst of Difficult Times

Rachel Kitchens-Cole

Suddenly, we were serving our students and families from home.

Teaching in a Pandemic: Upheavals, Adjustments, and Moving Forward

Ashlee Van Boening

A teacher shares her stories, takeaways, and tips for parents and other teachers.

Special Education and the Pandemic

Richard Weinfeld

You can effectively advocate during distance learning and when students return to school buildings.

Create Structure

Carey A. Heller, PsyD

As COVID-19 infection rates fluctuate, you may need to make adjustments with little notice.

Parent ADHD Unmasked

Dan Shapiro

Perhaps it’s time to consider why you were able to tread water before, but find you’re drowning now.

Use Chrome Extensions to Reduce Distraction and Increase Productivity

Joan L. Green

Help is just a few clicks away.

ADHD Helped Me Find Success in Pivoting a Business During the Pandemic

Marc Sickel

How could we adapt our indoor adaptive gym, with state-of-the-art exergaming equipment, to a teleworld?

A Tale of Rabbitry… and ADHD



CHADD Testifies at FDA Meeting

Robert J. Cattoi