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Attention Magazine February 2018

Discontinuing ADHD Meds

Dan Shapiro

What is a medication discontinuation trial? When and how might parents and prescribers make such a decision?

Self-Driven Kids with ADHD

William Stixrud

Behavioral interventions must also build autonomy, because without a sense of control, kids don’t develop the kind of internal motivation that enables them to create a successful life.

Children and Teens in Southeast Asia Have ADHD, Too

Roby Marcou

A developmental behavioral pediatrician shares a cross-cultural perspective on diagnosing and treating ADHD.

Does My Child Need a Tutor or a Coach?

Margaret Foster MAEd

The answer is not all that obvious because many tutors coach their students, and many coaches tutor. It�s enough to make your head swim!

We All Have Our Parenting Kryptonite

Sarah Wayland PhD

As parents, we aren’t allowed to talk about this. We need to talk about this.

Mindfulness for Fidgeters

Kirsten Milliken

Do you have to sit in lotus pose, eyes closed, with a quiet mind for thirty-plus minutes? Oh, heck no!

Basic Truths and Observation Skills

Jeff Copper

An ADHD coach shares his eureka moment and its effect on working with his clients.

ADHD and Criminal Justice, Part Two: Raising ADHD Awareness in the Local Community

Linda Swanson MA, PCC, PCAC

Here’s how one couple brought education about neurodiversity to schools, law enforcement, thought leaders, and decision makers.

Advice on ADHD Advice

Katherine McGavern

Some well-meaning ADHD advice about well-meaning ADHD advice…from our Editorial Advisory Board.

Emotional Aspects of ADHD

Meghan Miller

No Abstract

Mastering Your Adult ADHD

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract