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Attention Magazine June 2020

Virtual Support Groups for Adults with ADHD

Mark Katz, PhD


A Week in the Pandemic Life of Complex Families

Elaine Taylor-Klaus MCC, CPCC

Sometimes you have to shift your expectations, look for the positives, and make slow and steady improvements.

How Can We Help Children with ADHD Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

Emma Sciberras

A sleep specialist shares insights into specific problems and offers strategies for improved rest.

Keep Up Academic Skills During This Challenging Time

Cheryl Gedzelman

One new and several seasoned homeschooling families talk about what works well for them.

ADHD, PTSD, or Both?

Michelle Ferrer

Teasing apart symptoms takes time, consultation with professionals, and collaborative problem solving.

After It’s Over: The Pandemic’s Secondary Effects on Mental Health

Dan Shapiro

Even now, we can give our children—and ourselves—the skills needed to confront the challenges ahead.

ADHD, Productivity, and Working from Home

Jeff Copper

To be at your best, simulate your office environment.

How Do You Work from Home and Help Kids Navigate Remote Learning?

Carey A. Heller, PsyD

Your home now serves as both office and school. Here’s how to cope.

ADHD in Relationships: Finding Intimacy When the World Feels Very Different

Jonathan Hassall and Kate Barrett

To build and maintain closeness, partners must feel emotionally connected, autonomous, respected, invested, and understood—which can be elusive when ADHD is present.

Exercise for Adults with ADHD in Quarantine

Ruth Mulvany

As a retired physical therapist who has ADHD, she gets you and the ways you can get active.

Considering Online Parent Training Programs

Lauren Haack PhD